Main Teri Tu Mera Coming this August

Movie : Main Teri Tu Mera
Release: 19 Aug, 2016

Amru is a day dreaming, less educated, innocent villager boy. The lack of love in his life has made his life boring and non-happening.
One day, in his fantasy life, he meets Simran, a modern stylish girl. In Amrus dreams, she loves Amru, spends time with him and marries him even.
However, one day, Simran comes to Amrus real life. Till now, Simran was a dream girl but with her presence in Amrus life, a dream has turned into the reality. Even Amru cant believe this. What is more mysterious is that Simran claims she is married to Amru.

if Simran is just a dream girl? How then, does she know Amru and could claim that she is married to Amru? Watch to find out.

Lead Cast

Roshan Prince, Mankirt Aulakh, Jazz Sodhi, Yamini Malhotra,Karamjit Anmol, Mannat Singh, Anita Devgan, Harinder Bhullar, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu

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